Reply To: Colorado Private Investigator Licensing

Andrea Orozco

    Hello everyone. We’ve had a lot of questions regarding the PI licensing in Colorado as of late so here is what we’ve found out:
    The Governor did veto the bill to continue licensing BUT our regulatory agency DORA released their FAQ sheet on their website the other day and stated that the program is in a wind up timeline. The program will continue as it has for the last 5 years until May 31, 2021 or longer. They state this will require ANYONE operating as a PI in Colorado to be licensed, retain your license if you were previously licensed and obtain your license if you are offering Investigative services in Colorado. You will need to retain your bond as well until they decide the program is done. They will also still take complaints so you can still lose your license during this time period. We will place the FAQ sheet onto our association website PPIAC in the next few days. Until then you can find it on the DORA site at on the News Items.


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