Reply To: What is the best Low Light Camera out on the market to use for a surveillance?

I have the Sionyx Aurora Sport and I have to say I couldn’t be more impressed with the low light capability.

I am still amazed by how it manages to bring the night to life in colour like it does and that’s only at 720p. It also has a green scale as well as grey depending on your needs but the colour night vision is phenomenal in my opinion.

I also have a Bushnell night vision monocular and whilst this does the job, the viewfinder can become blurred and its zoom capability isn’t that great and the intuitiveness of control is tricky.

Next to the Sionyx, it pales in comparison. The sport version which I have (the cheapest in the range and also looks like it’s belongs to R2D2 – google for images) is amazing and is so small you can use it as your daytime camcorder too without detection as it can be palmed in my hand.

An amazing but for investigators everywhere and I’m already saving for the top of the range one which improves in the sport in every way (apparently).

Anyway hope this helps and greetings from the U.K.


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