Reply To: What are your must haves for cameras and equipment if you are just starting?

I would 100% agree with both Matt and John with their recommendations of the LawMate key fob camera and iPhone 6 case! Both are no brainers and essential.

I personally use the following three covert cameras on every single surveillance jobs I do and they are:

1) The LawMate camera phone (built to look like an android phone) and offers the same functionality as the iPhone 6 camera case.

2) The iSpy pen pro! This pen camera is amazing and so simple to use and it has never let me down on any undercover op. I am never without it.

3) law mate covert camera headphones. These are perfect for “blending in” when conducting surveillance in the park, public transport and whilst on a foot follow as they do not arouse any suspicion at all. Like all LawMate products they quality is fantastic as are the video and image files.

So many bits of kit that I own and could recommend but the above three are my go to cameras.

Thanks for reading everyone and stay safe out there 🙏🏻


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