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From Kitty Hailey

Matt – I’m guessing you’d like our in put into these questions. Some of them are out of my ballpark but here are my answers:

1. How would you all verify information acquired by a paid site like TLO or Skopenow? Anyone have any report samples for background checks.
These sites get their information from public records and a variety of other sources. I would methodically go to the source or find an investigator
in the appropriate venue who can confirm the information to be accurate. Sometimes a phone call to a rural court house will get you the info you
want from a friendly clerk. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask. It’s big cities where problems arise. And NEVER give your client info that hasn’t
been verified by at least two sources. So use two databases AT LEAST to see if they agree.
2. How would you all start a missing persons investigation outside of gathering all possible info from the client?
People are missing for different reasons. Some are young run-aways. Some are older and wish to start anew or have found a new love. Some
have been taken and some have come to harm. Identify your age group. Gather as much information as possible. Check with local law enforcement.
They will NOT cooperate but they may discuss the situation with you and give you a direction. Speak with the client, other family members, friends, etc.
Do social media on the missing person, his/her friends, relatives, associates. Talk to people. Run databases. Find out the reason someone has left
and it’s a good direction on future work. Don’t overlook drug use and abuse, family abuse (sexual and non), foul play, etc.
3. What software and OSINT websites would be beneficial for these two services.
Not my area of expertise.
4. Can you recommend someone you think may be interested in mentoring me to help me bounce a few things off of to get started?
I agree with the suggestion of California investigators. Someone local is beneficial as they know state laws and limits to investigative work.
Also suggest she join her local association and talk to people at meetings and seminars.

Hope this is what you were looking for. Thanks for having the confidence in me to answer questions. Kitty

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