3 New Events added: NALI, ACFE and PI Gear training

  • Check out these 3 new events coming up

    NALI- Virtual (Winter) Conference- This is a must attend- 2/19/21
    Virtual meeting 9am-5pm You dont want to miss this premier training event. NALI’s Virtual Online Video Conference is February 19th, 2021. “Investigative Techniques – Jumping Ahead of the Pack” Training designed to give investigators a head start for dealing with the challenges of investigating in 2021 during and after a worldwide pandemic. Schedule of Events Friday 2/19 10:00 am Welcome & Opening Remarks – Host Dale Dorning 10:15 am Presentation: Aleck Ragsdale – TLOxp – Beyond Basics 11:00 am Presentation: Ed Ajaeb -Social Media Presentation Beyond the Big Sites 12:00 pm Sponsor Presentations – Break out rooms (Lunch Break) 1:00 am Presentation: Kitty Haley – On-Line Ethics 2:00 pm Presentation: Matthew Spaier – 10 Tips to Make You a Better & More Efficient Accident Photography 3:00 pm Presentation: Kevin Ripa – Computer Forensics 4:00 pm Presentation: Kelly Riddle – Business Survival in the Age of COVID 5:00 pm Closing Remarks – Host Dale Dorning

    ACFE/NYCFE- 1/27/21
    Virtual Meeting @ 6pm-8pm Est Happy 2021! The NYCFE is pleased to welcome Kevin McCleary and Abigail Tyrrell, US Secret Service Agents from the NY/NJ Cyber Fraud Task, as they presents: Lessons Learned From the 2020 Pandemic and What to Expect in 2021 The U.S. Secret Service shares information and provides training to industry partners and law enforcement partners through a world-wide network of Cyber Fraud Task Forces (CFTF’s). The primary objective of the CFTF’s is to deter, prevent and prosecute transnational cybercrime activities that target the United States. Latest trends related to COVID-19 scams as well as recent legal developments regarding Ransomware payments will be discussed. Attendees will learn: How partnership with your local CFTF will benefit your organization Debunking Myths – What law enforcement will not do when you report an incident Latest trends – COVID-19 scams, eSkimming, Business Email Compromise (BEC) Recent success stories – Russian Hacker sentenced to 12 years for network intrusion (SDNY/USSS/FBI investigation) BEC trends from ongoing investigations

    PI Gear Training- 1/21/21
    Free webinar @ 1pm Within private investigations, there are a lot of different types of cases and even if we look at surveillance, there are a lot of different types of surveillance cases. But one thing that we all enjoy across the spectrum is gear and equipment that makes our job easier. In this webinar, we will discuss various types of on-the-job equipment – This webinar is free. We will have various instructor-led seminars over the coming months designed to be about gear and how we (LaSorsa and Associates) use it to optimize efficiency and improve case solvability Covered topics include: • Go-Bags and contents • Cameras • Mobile apps • Tools and gadgets • Communications • Vehicle equipment • And more, based on interest and questions This seminar is expected to last 1 hour. This webinar is free. ***** NOT AFFILIATED WITH PI-GEAR.COM

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