3 New Resource Tools Via Github

  • Thanks to Jake Creps from Skopenow for providing this information

    The first #OSINT tool is actually a utility Jake wrote in #Python called RSScalator. It lets you take a list of URLs in a CSV and check if they have an RSS feed. If they do, it saves that feed URL to a new CSV. Great for building data feeds!

    The second #OSINT tool is called Download All Images. It’s a browser extension that collects all images on a page and saves them to a zip file. It works really well on Google Images but also works on Instagram.

    The third #OSINT tool is called CRX Viewer. It allows you to view the source code of any Chrome extension on the Chrome Web Store (also on Firefox). This is good for reverse engineering Chrome apps but also good for checking extensions for security.

    You can find all three in our resources page under the Useful Apps and Tools section

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