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  • Zane Kinney

      I recently saw where skipsmasher is closing down at the end of the year. They have a tool that allows to listen to a voicemail anonymously. I also recall a similar tool available.

      Any suggestions?


      Brian Holmes

        I have an account with

        Belleslink is essentially a skip tracer and communications platform (; their searches provide the same information, are pretty accurate, and included for free with their comm service subscription. Their reverse phone number and address searches are my most used resources.

        The subscription is for the communications package: They provide you with 4 phone numbers/lines (all of which are ingoing and outgoing voice calls, voicemails, call forwarding, faxes, text, and email capable) and more for only $75.00/month; if needed, you can add more lines at $5.00/month. The system can be accessed and used from any web browser, and has great mobile (phone and/or tablets) app too!

        You can transfer/port existing phone numbers, pick new numbers (selecting desired area codes and/or including toll free numbers), and change any of the numbers anytime as often as you like for no charge. The system also automatically records incoming and outgoing calls (which is legal because the communication server is in Canada). The system can send/forward copies of recordings of left voicemails, faxes, text messages and emails to you phone and/or email accounts. Each line can be configured individually including call answering and/or call forwarding hours, voicemail messages, activity notification alerts (sent to selected text and/or email, etc.).

        I could go on and on; it is a great system which I have found invaluable. I was paying AT&T more than 100.00 for a remote fax line; now with Bellslink I have four lines which do much more and cost much less

        Good Luck!
        Brian Holmes

        Zane Kinney

          Thanks so much folks!

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