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      I am just starting out with my business, and I want to offer background investigations to businesses in my area. I have a potential client which is great. The only problem is that when I sat down to think about what I want to charge I am really uncertain how to structure my offer to the client. I was thinking of offering a base rate of $20 per check which would be a basic criminal background with database search plus any records requests to verify that the database results are accurate. I was also thinking of offering a more in-depth search at a higher rate which would included some OSINT searches on top. I am just not sure how much to charge and what’s standard in the industry. Also, what other background investigations would be good to offer? Some advice and ideas would be great.


      I would be careful what you are turning around for $20. Remember you can not cut and paste the reports from the search companies. You dont want to violate your terms of service.


        I was not planning on just cutting and pasting the information from the report, but I was thinking that even if I was going to look up the information and verify it then write a report that seems like more than $20 worth of work. I think that I am answering my own question but I did want to know if there’s any advice anyone could give me as to how to structure my offer to the client.

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