Best vehicle gps trackers for realtime in the field

  • Sara Capelli

      Vehicle tracking is legal in South Carolina. So 99% of my adultry cases are in the field following the subject. Who knows the best trackers to use realtime not just watch a dot on a map?


      @jimnanos is the guy you want to talk to. He runs PI-gear, one of our partners.
      You can also reach him by email

      Or their site

      Sara Capelli

        Thank you, I will contact. Currently, I have 2 trackers from Armcrest (I can update my plan from 5 min to 1 min within the hour while tracker is active, but the map interface is not what I dream for. So I go back and forth from the app to the website portal). And 1 from Brickhouse that is beyond frustrating due the call center is either in India or the tech guy is of making it very difficult to understand).

        Scott Fulmer

          I’d recommend SATechnologies: or (800) 722-9079. A two year plan pre-paid is only $10.95 a month.

          Sara Capelli

            Jim Nanos with PI Gear is awesome! He sells trackers that use the Safewatch360 platform that is superior above all.

            Joel Johnson

              Wilson Tracking. One-minute reporting and 4G for $15 a month.

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