Crossing State lines

  • Tonya Arruda

      I have a client who has an ongoing child custody court case in Arizona , the father lives in Nevada. Does my Arizona license permit me to investigate him in Nevada?

      Jordan Scherer

        I’m surprised nobody has replied. You work for the client as hired by the state you are licensed in. Whereby, traveling into another state is indeed permissable. The only means by which it wouldn’t be is under the pretenses that you were hired in Nevada.

        Then again, as I understand this grey area-couldn’t us as p.i.’s just say our client hired us here in our state of origin and fly to wherever to work? I actually have been suggested this by an old timer p.i. I know who did just that. Then again he never got implicated in any wrongdoing but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been so. Hope that helps? Basically I feel like the law on this is super vague. Maybe someone else more educated on the topic can chime in…

        Tonya Arruda

          I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I will continue to only work in AZ and see about expanding my Agency to NV. The area my client resides in is a Tri – State area which borders AZ, CA & NV . Expanding the agency to all three states seems to be the best option. I reached out to a few PI’s in Las Vegas NV where the client would like the subject followed. I have found their PI Pool was not very impressive. If you know any reliable PI’s in the Las Vegas area for me to reach to out too for my client please let me know.

          Thank you again for your time.

          Scott Fulmer

            I’d recommend NV PI Dwayne Francis:, (702) 966-1261. Word of caution, NV is particularly aggressive about going after people working in NV that are not licensed there.

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