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    Online news can be a valuable source of intelligence about people, companies, trends, and more, but it’s a challenge – even for the most experienced searcher – to find accurate, timely stories. Between too many or not enough results and the overabundance of fake news and opinion, it can take a lot of time, money, and patience to separate fact from fiction.

    In this course, we’ll cover tips and strategies from an expert researcher and investigator for finding and using the news for background investigations, due diligence, locating assets, or making smarter decisions. You’ll learn how to select the best sources and evaluate articles for misinformation and fake news, and Marcy will take you through her 3-step process for finding what you need quickly and efficiently.

    Course Key Concepts: News searching, Online news searching, Investigative Research, Online research, Gathering intelligence, Research skills, Internet searching, Web searching, Due diligence, Background investigations.

    Check out the link below to take her free class. This content is not available in the Toolbox.

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