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    Sheila Hand

      I studied hard and went through all the necessary steps to obtain my private investigators license. Part of the process included gathering documents for proof of citizenship. It also included a 13-page application which was notarized along with three sets of fingerprints to be submitted to the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) and the Alabama Private Investigators Board (APIB).

      I put up the funds, scheduled the test and I passed my Alabama Private Investigators Board license exam. I was super excited! The exam seemed more difficult than I hoped, so I was on cloud nine because it was a 50-question exam with only a pass or fail outcome. Upon completion of the exam, it’s unknown what questions were incorrect, but in order to pass, 35 questions had to be correct. I’ve passed, now what?

      Now, I’m ready to hang up my sign for business and start using my skills to help others. The next thing I did was build a website, which is in phase I, and will continue to grow as I do. Then I printed some business cards and started passing them out. I’m now contracting for a process server company. I’ve even gotten a little business from a local PI. I’m so excited about getting into this field I can hardly wait to take a deep dive into some cases.

      I really would like to do well in background investigations. Especially for employers or for landlords or even just for individuals seeking to find backgrounds for their relationship partner. People seem to have so many faces today and you really don’t need don’t know which one is the real one. But through an amazing amount of information found both on and offline, a wealth of information can be obtained about almost any individual.

      With my skill set and the right tools I can find almost anyone. I put forth the most professional effort to get the answer. I intend on increasing my skills quickly while learning from this great community.

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