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    I have a case in NYC where there was significant construction going on about 2 months ago. It was street construction. My client is looking for photos of the area during that time. Google images has nothing recent. Any ideas where else I could look? I was thinking maybe going to archive of Citizen and look for any random videos in the area. Maybe a hashtag search on twitter for cross streets. Maybe someone complaining about construction.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    Timothy Hardiman

      It is not as easy as it was to search Instagram & Twitter by GPS but you can search by Hashtag. So if there is anything notable in the area a photo on social media may have captured your locations.
      Similarly, if there are any businesses you can check them on Yelp and like platforms. Customers sometimes post photos of a business if it is near your site you might get lucky.

      Good luck,


      Thanks Tim.

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