Lawmate PV-DY20i

  • Joel Johnson

      I would like to hear your ideas for implementing this into a body-worn setup.

      Lawmate PV-DY20i


      Hi Joel,

      I have this very model (as well as many other LawMate products) and recently implemented this alongside my trusty ispypen in an undercover operation to obtain some quality footage in low light conditions.

      I used this on the inside of a jacket that I have with an intricate design left chest patch. I simply made a small hole in the patch for the lens from the inside of the jacket where I stitched it to ensure it would stay in place. I then placed the main body of the camera directly inside the zipped pocket directly below the left chest and pulled the zip across to keep the unit from moving.

      A very basic and crude method but it took no time at all and it stayed in place in order to gain the footage my client needed. It was a short op though and I’m not sure how this set up would fayre in a more prolonged situation.

      The camera is versatile and I can see me using it again in many more set ups. The addition of the free app works a charm for me too.

      I would be interested in hearing what others have done with their body worn set ups too.

      Have a great day.


      Joel Johnson

        Richard, thank you for sharing your setup. It sounds like a versatile piece of equipment– I am almost convinced to buy it.

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