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    Hello NCISS Members
    on 08/27/20 at 11am est, NCISS is hosting a town hall meeting for all NCISS members. We sure would like you to be there. We will be giving a quick update and then have a town hall discussing NCISS, its current activities, and how we can serve your needs as NCISS members. We really do want you to participate and let us know your thoughts on NCISS. As a bonus and a way to encourage participation (and understanding everyone’s time is precious) we will be having two drawings for members.
    The first drawing will be for those members who submit a question prior to the meeting to no later than 8/26/2020. These questions should consist of any issue of concern or something of clarification or industry related. Please send us your comments and questions!
    The second drawing will be for members who attend the zoom meeting and if possible participate so we can get to know you a little better. To increase the odds of winning one of two $50 Amazon cards, board members are excluded. The drawings will happen at the end of the Town Hall meeting. So please send in your questions and join us next Thursday. Stay safe everyone. See you next week.
    Topic: NCISS Town Hall for Members
    Time: Aug 27, 2020 09:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada) (11AM Est)
    Check your NCISS list serve for Log in details
    Please contact Wes Bearden for log in details at


    The Arizona legislature is considering an expungement bill that gives me a lot of concerns which I have shared with the bill’s sponsors. We don’t have expungement in this state, so once someone is charged, the information stays in the public domain forever. Obviously, that affects people’s employment, housing, and reputation forever as well. There is a second-chance movement sweeping the country, so this bill is in response to that.

    I am wondering how expungement statutes in other states have affected investigators abilities to conduct thorough backgrounds of accusers and witnesses? Has it prevented you being able to adequately defend clients in both criminal and civil settings if you can’t be investigate someone’s veracity? Does it mean that only the government has access to people’s criminal records and what are the implications for that? Or, is expungement difficult enough that it is rarely used and therefore has little impact?

    Finally, I am curious if this proposed statute goes beyond what other states do.

    Here is a legislative summary of the Arizona bill as it stands: H.HB2320_012921_APPROP_SE.pdf (

    Because of the nature of our work, laws in each state affect investigators everywhere so any insights would be sincerely appreciated. I will use your information to negotiate amendments.

    Rich Robertson CLI

    R3 Investigations

    444 E. Southern Ave.

    Tempe, AZ 85282

    o- 480-726-3961

    e –


    Colorado DMV information. Colorado looking to limit DMV info. thanks to NCISS member Kelly Cory for providing this information

    The article:

    New bill targets privacy after KRDO investigation into DMV selling driver information

    The bill:

    Will there be permissible purposes still available for us to conduct our necessary research if this passes?

    Wes Bearden

      If you are a member, we will be having a legislative update on Wednesday. Going to be talking about the Virginia Privacy Bill and the DMV efforts in different states. Will also talk about some new initiatives. If you are a member please join! If you are not a member, join up! You’re missing the best part.

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