Need advice for person location service.

  • Maxx Karr

      I have a client who is trying to find the current whereabouts of her ex husband.
      I have used some basic person search software (been-verified) and can find nothing recent.
      He has no social media or listed email / phone number.

      I have a good idea of the city he is in but need advice on how I can get something official to provide my client.

      Any feedback is appreciated.

      Maxx Karr
      Black Hills Private Investigations



      Reach out to the team at Merlin Locate. They are a partner (Go to Discounts and benefits page and click activate discount.) They have an excellent research team and their rates are reasonable. I have had incredible success with them doing my locates.

      Matthew Spaier



      If they cannot help you contact me and we can assist. We are a partner as well and offer a discount.


      Michael does an excellent job as well and is also a partner.

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