Need surveillance investigator Suffolk County 9/29/20 Evening

  • Timothy Hardiman

      Call respond with rates and contact information.

      At The Scene, Inc.

        Hello Timothy – I have used John Byank for surveillance many times in the past. He is located in Suffolk County and is excellent at it. His e-mail is and his cell phone number is 631-681-9247. I am sure he would be able to help you.

        Please be sure to mention my name when you speak with him.

        Timothy Hardiman

          Thanks Gary, I will contact him now.

          At The Scene, Inc.

            Very welcome.


            You can try Justo Rivera Also. He is recent toolbox member. his id is @jrivera on the community.
            You can also reach him at
            Good luck,


            I also know John Byack. He is a good guy.

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