New Block: Rumble, What Security Professionals Need to Know About Rumble

  • Great article from the Life raft team. Its available in the blog section or at this link

    Canada-based Rumble is a small but fast-growing video sharing platform that has positioned itself as the leading alternative to YouTube.

    CEO Chris Pavlovski launched the site in 2013. And originally, most of the content consisted of viral videos published elsewhere.

    But over the past year, the site’s user base has ballooned 25-fold. And today, Rumble claims to have over 30 million monthly active users.

    If you visit the site, you’ll find a homepage that closely resembles other video streaming services.

    Users see a list of featured content and a list of trending topics and videos. And like YouTube, publishers upload content to ‘channels,’ with regular videos posted around a common theme.

    Visitors can also create an account. Once signed up, users have the ability to view comments, like videos (called ‘Rumbles’), and leave feedback on content.

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