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    A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Verification

    How can we tell whether the posts, articles and claims we see on the internet and social media sites are true? Online conspiracies and deliberately misleading, partisan content are serious issues, after all.
    At Bellingcat, we research and investigate misinformation and disinformation in their many forms. Even the most logical, intelligent thinkers can be convinced by claims that are entirely untrue. In the worst cases, the impact can be severe.

    On the subreddit QAnoncasualties, for example, distraught users share stories about people close to them who have been taken in by the QAnon conspiracy theory. Yet it’s not just QAnon that has sent people down the internet rabbithole.

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    Investigation within Instagram: Three Methods from Social Links

    With over a billion people subscribed to the service, Instagram has one of the largest userbases of any social network, and as users publish photos, videos, and stories on a daily basis, the platform is host to a huge amount of content, which just keeps growing. But for investigators, this wealth of information is a remarkable resource, and can be applied in multiple ways to help solve a wide range of cases.

    At Social Links, we are fully aware of how rich Instagram is as an investigation resource, and continually work on ways to unlock its full potential by developing automated search methods that continue to meet the needs of our clients. With SL PRO for IBM i2, we have placed an array of powerful search methods, and in this article we want to go through our top three for successfully conducting cases in Instagram.

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