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  • OSINT Curious Project: Using RESET for better OSINT

    ITB member, “DutchOSINTguy” provides this article. OSINT is about focusing on possibilities. But sometimes we get stuck or things we planned simply didn’t work as planned. We all know when things in our daily life don’t work we reset it. If the tv doesn’t work we reset it by turning it off and on. Your smartphone glitches or apps hang and we reset the apps or the entire device. We can do the same in our OSINT research or Online investigations. I do not mean literally reset your investigative computer or casework. We can use the RESET techniques to help our OSINT state of mind which I blogged about back in 2018. Below you will find the five RESET tips you can embed in your OSINT process to become a better and more focused researcher:


    Written by Toolbox member, Adam Dornfield. When it comes to surveillance, (custody, child support, infidelity or injury) there are similarities and differences wherever your Private Investigator will be conducting it, whether in Connecticut or the Queens NY area. Your ultimate goal is the same no matter where your surveillance takes place, which is to catch the subject doing whatever it is you are hired to “catch” them doing (or not doing), obtain the proof (whether in still photos or video) and provide that proof to the client.

    How to adjust your privacy settings on Signal, and protect your messages with extra encryption and face scans

    Signal is a messaging app that’s become popular for its security. Every message you send on Signal is protected with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no one can intercept it and breach your privacy. But despite this encryption, if someone manages to get into your phone, they’ll be able to read all your Signal messages freely. That is, unless you enable some of Signal’s more advanced privacy options.

    Find all 3 in the learning section

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