New DISCOUNT: Bird Dog Investigator App

  • Bird Dog Investigator App is now offering a discount to our members exclusively.

    We are very excited to announce that Toolbox Members now receive 20% off access to the Bird Dog Investigator app. Instructions for claiming your discounted access are included below and your PROMO CODE is TOOLBOXBD.

    Using Your Promo Code

    To use your PROMO CODE, please visit, Sign up or Log In, and then follow the prompts. This code can be applied to both monthly and annual subscriptions!

    About Bird Dog Investigator

    Bird Dog Investigator is the new app designed to help investigators easily log findings in the field, and then instantly report them. With Bird Dog you can deliver organized, time-stamped field reports in PDF from your phone. There are no limits on the number of reports you can send, and no additional equipment is needed – not even a computer. Please visit our website for more information on the app and how it works:

    Try it

    Please note that Bird Dog Investigator always offers a 1 week free trial through subscriptions purchased in the Apple app store. Download the app and try it free. Our app store listing is here:

    If you use the free trial and like Bird Dog, you can still use the PROMO CODE to take advantage of the Toolbox discount. You simply cancel your trial in the Apple app store and then follow the “Using Your PROMO CODE” steps above to secure your 20% discount.

    Please note that Bird Dog is currently available for iOS only. To receive notification of our Android launch, please sign up here:

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