New Event: Paraben Webinar: Securing Smart Phones A Forensic Perspective

  • From Amber Schroader:

    I am excited to announce that a more in-depth look at this question will take place in the form of a webinar on November 10th at 2 PM Eastern.

    You can sign up for the free webinar Securing Smartphones: a Forensic Perspective at

    During the webinar, we will go through a digital forensic perspective on how you can secure your smartphone and offer security tips and tricks to clients.

    This webinar will look at both Android and iOS devices and what you can do to make each device type more secure, as well as the forensic impact your security choices have on the data.

    Don’t forget you can also sign up for a demo of what the Paraben technology can do to help your digital investigations. To get started with the demo, either click here and follow the directions on the page or contact Shannon Gomez at

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