New Events: Cali Webinars in Feb and March

  • 2 Great free webinars on deck from CALI. They are free to attend for anyone. Registration in on our Events page.

    GPS Tracking Device Webinar
    February 25, 2021, at 12 PM PST

    Presented by Research Electronics International

    Description: This webinar will focus on the technology behind Global Positioning System tracking devices and best practices for locating a tracking device on a vehicle. The seminar will last approximately 1.5 hours and cover the following topics:

    • GPS, GLONASS, and GNSS Satellite Systems
    • How position is calculated, and transmission/receive technology
    • Types of devices with examples
    • Typical installation locations
    • Considerations on locating the devices
    • Sweep results with various products

    Research Electronics International, LLC (REI)
    REI specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic test equipment for security applications. REI customers include government agencies, law enforcement organizations, corporate security personnel, and TSCM professionals worldwide that have a need and responsibility to protect sensitive information

    Introduction to OSINT Investigations Webinar
    March 3, 2021, at 12 PM PST

    Presented by Christopher Salgado, All Points Investigations, LLC

    Description: Join us for an introduction to OSINT investigations. Topics you’ll learn about during this webinar – What is OSINT? Why OSINT is crucial for any investigator (even surveillance-exclusive PIs)? What value can OSINT bring to your profession?

    • What is not considered to be OSINT?
    • Different web versions: Surface, Deep, and Dark
    – What information is reserved here?
    – What benefits reside here?
    – What dangers reside here?
    • Cyber versus IT
    • Must you be a hacker or IT expert to conduct OSINT investigations?
    • Case study to validate OSINT efforts
    • OSINT application
    – How to sharpen your OSINT capabilities
    – Should you use subscriptive databases? (Criminal, civil, social media, online mentions)
    – Data scraping tools
    – Browsers
    – VPNs
    – Employing precise Google queries
    – Image searching
    – Social media
    – Facebook
    – LinkedIn
    – Twitter
    – Instagram
    – YouTube
    – Snapchat
    – Tiktok
    – Online forums
    • Alias accounts
    • The importance of drafting a SOP
    – Consistency
    – Organic foundation of resources
    – Avoiding liability
    • International versus national OSINT efforts
    • Metadata and geolocation
    • Cache mining
    • Hidden text
    • Leet speak
    • Advanced OSINT capabilities
    – Code reading
    – Code translations
    – Mock websites (sites that mimic a legal site with illegal/illicit content or embedded in the site)
    • Ethics on OSINT engagement
    • Additional case study to solidify the value of a good OSINT operation

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