New Partnership: Morse Genealogical Services, LLC

  • Having trouble with an Heir Search? Reach out to Partner Ari Morse and Morse Genealogical Services, LLC
    They are offering a 10% fee on Invoiced amounts

    Morse Genealogical Services, LLC, is a family owned and operated firm in Florida specializing in worldwide missing heir matters and genealogical investigations. This has been a family tradition since 1939. During “The Great Depression”, at the behest of a Massachusetts judge, Harvey’s grandfather (Ari’s great-grandfather) was approached with the tedious task of locating the unknown heir to an estate. After successfully completing this challenge, the judge approached him with a similar second case. His success led him to the establishment of a promising business venture: genealogical research for probate matters. We are Court Qualified experts in genealogical research. Locating Missing Heirs Genealogical Charts Proofs Documentation Genealogical Research Affidavits of Due and Diligent Search Expert Court Testimony Corroboration of Relationships Case Preparations Submission of Claims Document Translations Foreign Research.

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