New podcast: Without Warning with Sheila Wysocki

  • Please welcome our new ITB community member, Sheila Wysoki. You can find her great content in the podcast section.

    Private Investigator, Sheila Wysocki, takes matters into her own hands using unique methods such as crowd-sourcing and podcasts.

    For private investigator, Sheila Wysocki, no case is too cold. She embraces the challenge and views each case as a mission to seek justice – and seeking justice is what she does.

    Wysocki became a household name in the private investigation world after she helped solve the cold-case murder of her college roommate, Angie Samota, more than 25 years later. Only wanting to figure out Angie’s case, Wysocki was ready to close the case on her PI career. However, that’s when letters from around the world came pouring into her inbox begging her to help their families who had mysteriously lost a loved one. “I just couldn’t say no,” recalls Wysocki, “these families were in the same position I was after Angie’s death and I knew I had to at least try to help them.”

    Since then, Wysocki has worked on over 100 complicated cases, has been nominated as one of the Top 20 Best Nashville Private Investigators, and voted the number six most influential women private investigator. She has been featured in The Washington Post and has appeared on Anderson Cooper, Dateline, Katie Couric, A&E Biography’s “I Solved a Murder,” ABC’s 20/20, Crime Watch Daily, Criminal, and numerous other podcasts. Persistence has always been how her colleagues characterize her and that persistence has paid off in the many cold-cases she has worked.

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