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  • We added three new resources today thanks to Jake Creps from Skopenow and his Tuesday OSINT Tools tips. Located in our data resources section


    LinkedIn is one of the greatest resources of open source information. Why? LinkedIn gives you so many data points to pivot from. LinkedIn gives you names, locations, employers, schools, coworkers, and sometimes even other social media handles just to name a few. One great OSINT application for LinkedIn is business intelligence. This is where LinkedIn2Username comes in handy within my workflow.

    SearchCam (App)

    While Linkedin2Username has a pretty straightforward application, SearchCam is a bit more niche. I don’t see this being part of your regular workflow; however, it highlights the future of augmented reality in the OSINT industry. SearchCam is “Ctrl+F” for the real world, meaning it uses your camera to highlight text on a physical page and gives you the ability to search within it.


    If breach data is a regular part of your workflow, you have to have h8mail on your radar. This multitool leverages multiple services, paid and free, to streamline your workflow with breach data or email OSINT. Simply plug in your paid or free APIs into this tool and begin hunting.

    Why is breach data valuable? Breach data can allow you to see beyond the surface in any investigation. If you suspect your subject has an alias account, a sock puppet, or uses an alternate variation of their name across the web, leveraging breach data can shed light on a digital record that may not be obvious on the surface. A unique password from an email address you’ve already verified, when reversed, may lead you to another email address you weren’t already aware of. Reversing that new email address into your existing workflow can identify new data points that could potentially create a new lead in a dead investigation.

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