NEW! The Delvepoint Commonality Search Launches August 2020!

  • Jeff Evanspartner

      Working on jury research? Trying to find in-depth relationship info? Looking into potential fraud? The NEW Delvepoint Commonality Search is the fastest, most cost-effective way to identify relationships between up to eight persons and/or businesses! Available to customers in August 2020, this search is different from a typical relationship search. The Commonality Search allows you to discover overlapping relationships between multiple individuals and businesses.

      Use the Commonality Search to:

      • Validate and reveal relationships
      • Expand investigations
      • Isolate collusion and fraud
      • Confirm vendor independence
      • Strengthen compliance
      • Identify juror connections

      For more information, contact or (866) 945-1667.


        Thanks for the Update Niki. This new service sounds amazing!

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