New Video: Investigating Human Trafficking

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    Slavery and trafficking in human beings, once thought to be vestiges of a brutal past, are not only alive today but have morphed into billion dollar, multinational industries. On any given day, there are an estimated 40 million victims of these crimes, mostly women but also men and children, according to the United Nations. Human trafficking is also one of the fastest-growing activities of transnational crime organizations, and is marked by coercion, exploitation, and violence. It is a critical area for journalists to dig into but investigation requires perseverance, skill, and sensitivity.

    To bring journalists the latest tools and techniques, GIJN is pleased to present Investigating Human Trafficking, a 75-minute webinar. This session will provide tips on how to investigate the two main types of human trafficking, sex exploitation and labor abuse, and discuss the best ways to cooperate with civil society groups that offer protection to victims of trafficking and slavery. The webinar is produced in partnership with’s Modern Slavery Unveiled program and the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime.

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