New Webinar event: CALI Defense Investigation Applied to the Felony Murder Rule

  • Defense Investigation Applied to the Felony Murder Rule
    12/6/21 @12pm PST-1:30pm PST

    This Webinar will explore the necessity of conducting due diligence investigation in charges of homicide when applied under SB 1437, known as the Felony Murder Rule. How has SB 1437 changed the way homicide cases are tried when there are multiple co-defendants to the crime? Learn how a proper defense investigation is vital to proving the elements of SB 1437.


    Attorney Kresta N. Daly, Esq., Law Offices of Barth Daly LLP
    Ms. Daly has extensive experience as a white collar criminal defense attorney. She has represented individuals, businesses and public officials facing felony criminal allegations ranging from securities, mail and wire fraud to drug and terrorism offenses and homicide. Ms. Daly has nearly 20 years of experience in both federal and state court trials.

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