New Webinar video: The Importance of the Interview in Title IX Investigations

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    The Importance of the Interview in Title IX: Part 1- Separating the Interview from the Investigation

    Every investigation begins with gathering information. Being able to conduct an effective, fair and neutral interview is paramount for investigators navigating their professional responsibilities in the ever changing landscape of Title IX compliance.

    The interview provides the foundation for your investigation and, too often, professionals overlook the importance of identifying a methodology and process that is consistently applied.

    In this 3 part series, Certified FETI founder, Carrie Hull, and Holland & Knight education and employment attorney, Jeffrey J. Nolan will discuss the importance of separating the interview from the investigation, approaches to maximizing opportunities for information collection, understanding the continuum of an interview, and the downstream effects of the interview on conducting Title IX investigations consistent with best and promising practices.

    Some key takeaways of this webinar series are:

    – The importance of understanding your role when collecting information
    – How to maintain your role as an interviewer and why separating the interview from the investigation is so important
    – How to Collect the Dots, Not Connect the Dots in your role as interviewer
    – Identifying practices that turn your interview into an investigation
    – How separating the interview from the Investigation ensures neutrality in your interviews
    – Downstream effects of separating the interview from your investigation

    Important links from Part 1 of the webinar series:

    – Read Ms. Hull’s full bio at:…
    – Read Mr. Nolan’s full bio at:…
    – Read the Introduction to the FETI Methodology Paper at…
    – Updated H&K white paper version available at:…

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