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    The following information was provided by Michele Harris of Harris Investigations. Michelle has the ability to get NJ DMV information and she wanted folks to understand the guideline of what is needed:

    1: A copy of the accident report. If the report is not available or one was never filed, that needs to be specified in the letter we mention in #2.
    2: A letter from the individual’s attorney authorizing us to receive the information on the attorney’s behalf.
    3: A letter on the attorney’s letterhead between the attorney and their client stating that the attorney has been retained by the client. This should include plaintiff and defendant information if known (“Who vs. Who”) as well as the docket number. If no docket number has been issued yet, that should be noted in the letter.

    If you need NJ DMV searched done you can contact her directly at harrisinvestigationsllc@yahoo.com

    I highly recommend this resource AND Michelle is a Toolbox Community member


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