Partner Update: Investigator Education Consultants

    The Certificate of Professional Investigation online training course is now available at The goal of this Certificate is to provide each student with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain an entry level position in the Investigative industry. Click activate Discount on Patner page of ITB
    The Program consists of ten classes designed to equip you to work in the field. The first five courses that you need to complete are:
    1. Foundations of Investigation
    2. Interviews and Statements
    3. Criminal Investigation
    4. Background/Due Diligence
    5. Ethics
    Once you pass the Mid-term exam you will take the remaining five classes:
    6. Skip-Tracing/Locates
    7. Report Writing
    8. Legal Investigation
    9. Surveillance
    10. Fraud Investigation
    You will then take the Final Exam on those five classes.
    Upon receipt of your Certificate the Administrators of the IECOIT Program staff will assist the student in obtaining an entry level job in the field.

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