Phone questions

  • Megan Fox

      What is your preferred phone source/app/provider/device for discreet calls?

      What is your preferred phone carrier or prepaid plan?

      Cost effective prepaid phones?

      Investigative phone must haves?

      Investigative phone dos/don’ts and tips/tricks?

      Timothy Hardiman


        I have a pre-paid iPhone from Verizon. I just add $ every month. I could that with a fictitious email and Google Voice # to have a variety of #s

        Sara Capelli

          Hands down for pretexting is SpoofCard app. You have to buy credits, but it is so worth it. You can record the calls made to send to your clients. You can change your voice to a male or a female. You can choose background noise. I use the lost dog pretext a lot so use the dogs barking noise choice. You can insert any number for the caller ID so if I pretext a flower delivery I goggle an area floral shop and use that phone number.

          For a personal safe phone number get a free google number that rings to your cellphone seamlessly.

          Megan Fox

            Timothy Hardiman & Sara Capelli, Thank you both for your responses! It’s nice to have additional options in my toolbox. Much appreciated. – Megan Fox

            Doug Osmundsen

              Hushed is an awesome app for pretexting.

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