Physical address from PO Box

  • Teri Simpson

      Does anyone know a way to obtain a physical address from an individual’s PO Box? We have tried NCA searches and the paid databases, but no luck. I’ve done some research and the USPS says there is a form online to request this information, but I haven’t found it. But it also mentions the form is for process servers. TIA!


      Here is the link. the form is included


      Teri Simpson

        Thanks. I should have specified that we are not process servers, but that the only form that I had heard of was for process servers. So looking for another way to get this information since we are not process servers.


        This can be done. We can do a PO Box trace for $150.00. It takes up to 4 weeks. No hit fee is $35.00. I need the name of the person and the PO Box address.

        Email me at Or call 918-203-8337.

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