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  • Zane Kinney


      I know this question has come up before. I’m looking for a good source for place of employment locates – paid providers preferably. The open source just doesn’t seem that thorough. Specifically, I have cases of people violating non competes, collecting benefits while working for others and the occasional judgment.

      Your help would be appreciated – thanks for your time.


      We can provide this service as well as several others including expert social media dossiers and juror intelligence.

      GO to

      My email is:

      Michael Morelli


      Michael is Great. I have used his services before.
      You can also check with JT Palmer and Associates. They are also partners (As well as Michael) and they sponsor the podcast.
      Ff you click on the activate discount button in discount and benefits section you can save 10%.

      Either way you cant go wrong with Michael or Judy.

      Matt Spaier

      Zane Kinney

        Thanks Matt – Yes, I know both of these folks and will reach out.

        In keeping with the same topic, if anyone has insight on trends or services coming up, feel free to add your thoughts. It’s long been an area of uncertainty.

        My best!

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