Recommendation needed for OSINT training

  • Christa Motley

      Hi, I’m looking for a basic OSINT training course for beginners that includes methodology, workflow, organization, etc in addition to just how to find information. The Google search results are overwhelming. Has anyone here taken a course (or courses) they would recommend? Online or in person?

      Thanks so much!

      Andrea Orozco


        Cynthia Hetherington with Hetherington Group has amazing classes. She has some online at


        Highly recommend!

        Christopher Salgado

          Hello Christa. I am a former investigator @ Facebook and I created a pretty in-depth OSINT training program called AGGOSO Training. (AGGOSO = AGGressive OSint Operations) Matt actually covered this in one of his podcasts last year. You can get a glimpse of the content, which includes methodology, via his interview of me at (AGGOSO topic starts at about 23:13.) While AGGOSO can certainly can be a pretty intense cyber investigations training, it can be delivered a la carte with you selecting the topics that you’d like to have covered in the training and at a more basic level. If you’d like to learn more about it beyond the YouTube video, please fee free to reach out to me directly. Thanks, Christa!

          Benjamin Clements

            I highly recommend both, Chris Selgado and Cynthia Hetherington. They are both top notch OSINT investigators and teachers of their craft!

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