The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Re: Attorney/Client Privilege

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    In Attorney General v. Facebook, Inc., No. SJC-12496 (March 24, 2021),[i] the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court clarified the scope of protection afforded by the attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine to internal investigations. At issue was the Massachusetts Attorney General’s request to obtain documents Facebook collected and created during its expansive internal investigation in the wake of the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal.

    The case concerned the AG’s third civil investigative demand; Facebook had produced documents in response to the first two. The AG’s third demand contained a group of requests seeking the names of the apps that Facebook decided to review during its investigation, as well as information about those apps. The third demand also included a request for the internal communications and internal correspondence concerning certain categories of apps and/or apps for which Facebook conducted specific reviews or investigations.

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