What are your must haves for cameras and equipment if you are just starting?

  • I know the Lawmate Keyfab video camera is a must, but what else do you use?


      Lawmate Iphone 6 case camera is GREAT. It utilizes the same software as the key fob camera, but you can view the video right on the phone. I bought a good used iphone 6 on ebay for like $50.00. I don’t have it activated as a phone, I just use it with wifi to connect to the camera. It is small enough to sit under my regular phone if I am carrying both, and a lot of people use two phones these days so it is not so suspicious. Battery on the camera lasts many hours as well. I love it for drive bys as well for foot surveillance or anytime where pulling up my regular camera is not prudent.


      Thanks John, This is Great!

      Susan Savino

        Absolute minimum must-haves for those just starting out:

        3 things for digital camera:
        •time/date stamp
        •highest optical zoom budget
        allows for (digital can get grainy
        when giving to Atty/client)
        •ISO (image stabilization option)
        for when you’re zooming out

        For close quarters, on a budget:
        •Time/date stamp app on phone
        Everyone texts and scrolls on a device nowadays; until you start making money, snapping pics while seemingly texting/scrolling is a no brainer

        Samuel Lewis

          What’s the best/simplest open source film editing software to use? Easiest way to impose or extract date/time stamp to footage?


          I would 100% agree with both Matt and John with their recommendations of the LawMate key fob camera and iPhone 6 case! Both are no brainers and essential.

          I personally use the following three covert cameras on every single surveillance jobs I do and they are:

          1) The LawMate camera phone (built to look like an android phone) and offers the same functionality as the iPhone 6 camera case.

          2) The iSpy pen pro! This pen camera is amazing and so simple to use and it has never let me down on any undercover op. I am never without it.

          3) law mate covert camera headphones. These are perfect for “blending in” when conducting surveillance in the park, public transport and whilst on a foot follow as they do not arouse any suspicion at all. Like all LawMate products they quality is fantastic as are the video and image files.

          So many bits of kit that I own and could recommend but the above three are my go to cameras.

          Thanks for reading everyone and stay safe out there 🙏🏻


          I second that, thanks John. I just wanted to say thank you as well for your recent video review of the Camm Pro C3 body cam.

          I have been thinking about getting a more reliable body cam for some time and following your great unboxing and review I went ahead and ordered one as the image and sound quality looked amazing.

          I have also bought a suction cup mount for it to use as an additional dash cam for the rear window as I was so impressed with how it performed in your vehicle.

          I am looking forward to it arriving any day now.

          Thanks Matt & John for your fantastic content which is useful for seasoned pro’s and those new to the profession.

          Thanks from the U.K. 🇬🇧


          Thanks for all the contributions guys and gals!

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