7 OSINT Blogs Every Analyst Should Read

Keeping your skills sharp represents an ongoing challenge for open-source analysts. But if you’re reading this post, then you probably already knew that — which is why you’re searching for new OSINT blogs and resources.

Becoming an effective analyst is a bit like staying in shape – you don’t just hit the gym once or twice and keep fit forever.

To stay at the top of your game, you must keep tabs on the latest tools and techniques as well as what’s happening in the OSINT community at large.

So to help you out, we compiled a shortlist of our favorite OSINT blogs.

These sites represent some of the most popular and frequently visited among the LifeRaft team here internally. And we believe every analyst should keep them in their bookmarks folder.

So now with that preamble out of the way, let us present our top seven OSINT blogs for analysts, investigators, and researchers.

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