Whether you are an insurance investigator, working in law enforcement or supporting crowd-sourced OSINT investigations, e.g. with the National Child Protection Task Force, you will often come across vehicles in the cases you work on. There are many different approaches to find information on vehicles and sometimes also on their owners. This blog will show some of the resources you can use when conducting COSINT: OSINT on Cars (or any other motor vehicle). Keep in mind, that this blog will not include every source out there and that these sources may vary from country to country. And before I dive into some useful sites, one of the best tips I always have is: use OSINT to conduct OSINT. For example, if you are not familiar with anything that will allow you to look up a license plate in your country, just google it (license plate lookup, find infos on license plate, etc.) and try out different sites yourself. But here’s an overview of some of my go-to sources.

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