Google: About this image

Have you ever found yourself in this position? You see an image on a website, in your feed, or in a message from a friend — and you think, “this doesn’t feel quite right.” Is the image being shown in the right context? Has it been manipulated or faked? Where did it come from? When you’re trying to figure out if a piece of information or an image is reliable, having the full story is key.

Sixty-two percent of people believe they come across misinformation daily or weekly, according to a 2022 Poynter study. That’s why we continue to build easy-to-use tools and features on Google Search to help you spot misinformation online, quickly evaluate content, and better understand the context of what you’re seeing. But we also know that it’s equally important to evaluate visual content that you come across.

That’s why we’re expanding our ongoing work in information literacy to include more visual literacy and help people quickly and easily assess the context and credibility of images. In the coming months, we’re launching a new tool called About this image. Available first in the U.S. in English, you can see important context like:

  • When the image and similar images were first indexed by Google,
  • Where it may have first appeared,
  • Where else it’s been seen online (like on news, social, or fact checking sites)

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