Interview vs. Interrogation: What’s the Difference and Which Can Private Investigators Use

Interviews and interrogations form the backbone of much of the fact-finding and fact-establishing investigative activities performed by law enforcement, and the findings gleaned from these activities can often be used as primary evidence in court. Despite there being some similarities between these two activities, there are also significant differences that have huge implications for which method private investigators are allowed to use.

That is why it is so important for you as a private investigator to understand the differences between interviews and interrogations and understand what you can and cannot do in your investigations. In this post, we will first explore the differences between interviews and interrogations. Then we will explain which method can be used when and wrap things up with some best practices for each method

What is the difference between an interview and an interrogation?

Interviews and interrogations have similarities, but they are dramatically different in their approach and desired outcomes. Here is a definition of each that highlights these particular differences.

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