Mobile Surveillance with Two or More Private Investigators

Multiple (usually two) Private Investigators offer the ability to better control the surveillance environment, while better anticipating the subject’s movements in various scenarios. Furthermore, multiple Private Investigators lower “Heat” which allows closer surveillance of the subject with more regularity. One of the challenges that multiple Private Investigators can pose is logistics and communication during a surveillance operation.

The use of two or more Private Investigators takes the pressure off of what is normally accomplished with a single Private Investigator during surveillance. However, when a client authorizes a team of two or more Private Investigators for a surveillance operation, that client’s expectations are elevated along with their desire for results. So, on one hand the Private Investigators understand that a surveillance team is easier, if prepared. On the other hand, clients generally do not understand surveillance and with two or more Private Investigators they certainly do not want to hear “we didn’t get video” or “we lost the subject.”………

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