Open Corporates: New Jurisdiction: Illinois (2,800,000 companies)

Company data from Illinois is obtained from the Illinois Secretary of State, which makes the data available as bulk data files. 

The Illinois company data available in OpenCorporates will be highly up-to-date, as we will receive newly incorporated companies and updates to existing companies on at least a weekly basis. 

Both company and officer data is made available and incorporated into our database. We will be adding further officer data soon. 

Over the past few months, we have worked with the Secretary of State on the data quality so that we were happy to include it within our dataset and so it’s as useful as possible for business and society. There are still a few niggles which we are working on to allow us to include officer names and addresses, as well as branches, so these attributes will follow shortly. 

Domestic BCAs are the most common company type in Illinois according to the data we collect, followed by Limited Liability Companies, as can be seen below (figures accurate as of 15 November 2022):

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