The new Facebook Graph Search – part 2

This blogpost is inspired by @djnemec‘s Github gist, which you can find here

The next step

In this part, we’re talking about combining searches. Just like in part 1, we will be translating JSON to Base64. And of course we’ll take you through it step by step 🙂

What to combine?

Well, you can only combine when you stay in the same category. In part 1 we’ve discussed the following categories:
– Search/top/
– Search/posts/
– Search/people/
– Search/photos/
– Search/videos/
– Search/pages/
– Search/places/

It’s not possible to combine a query from ‘photos’ together with a query from ‘people’. So you’ll have to find a query to make which stays within one category (for example, posts you’ve viewed with your profile in a specific group).

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