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The Investigator’s Toolbox is a resource community built exclusively for licensed Investigators. and Investigative professionals. The site is designed to be an interactive community where it’s members participate and add content. We feature an interactive forum page that is 100% searchable. You control your own forum notifications. The site has been designed to be a holding tank for useful resources for the everyday Investigator. Each member has a personal profile page and a personal library to house links and other resources for future use. When links expire or become defective, our curators remove them. We also have a robust learning section packed full of training webinars, audio teachings, and helpful articles. Additionally, we provide links to the best industry related Podcast content. Community members are encouraged to submit new resources, content and information. Our site has a status badge incentive program and additional awards are given quarterly for content providers. This site is designed not only for the new investigator, but the seasoned professional who wants to take their business to the next level.


We have partnered up with some of the best investigators and businesses in this industry to provide benefits and discounts to our members. Our generous partners and sponsors have provided the best discounts, training content and networking opportunities available on the market. Your membership should be deductible if you participate in our learning content (* check with your tax professional for tax advice)

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“Investigators Toolbox leverages the membership of devoted professionals to continually inform, educate and advocate for our trade. Given the collective experience and resources available, I know I can find an answer quickly digging through the toolbox.”

Cynthia Hetherington- President, Hetherington Group & founder of OSMOSISCON

“The Investigator’s Toolbox is an outstanding platform for PI’s created by a PI with our profession in mind!  This is one of those industry standards that will raise the bar for investigators who want to stay informed, communicate with others in the field and have access to tremendous vendors, education and business building tools. 

Kelly E. Riddle TCI,TPLI,CII,BAI- Kelmar Global
President: KelmarGlobal.com
Director: RecordPros Background Screening Services RecordPros.net
Director: PI Institute of Education PIinstitute.com / Founder: Assoc. of Christian Investigators a-c-i.org / Founder: Council of Association Leaders coalpi.or

“This resource community truly is the future of networking, resourcing and online learning. As a career law enforcement professional, I appreciate the site design which removes the  normal headaches involved in locating related educational and research tools. The site is unmatched in navigation ease and I highly recommend.”

James A. Gagliano, Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent and current CNN Law Enforcement Analyst

Excellent resource and community to be part of. Lots of great discounts with vendors and options to reach out to people in the toolbox.”

Amber Schroader- Owner of Paraben Corporation and founder of PFIC Conference

“Investigators Toolbox is the only destination for an online community. The FREE premiums and discounts for your everyday needs makes your subscription a no-brainer. Easy to get started. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.”

John A. Hoda, CLI, CFE
Hoda Investigations, LLC
The Ultimate Guide to Taking Statements
How to Rocket Your Private Investigation Business: The Complete Series

“The investigator’s toolbox is the most innovative resource in the Private Investigation industry today. The convenience of having every possible investigative resource at your fingertips drastically increases your ability to excel in this field. The value you receive is well worth the small investment.”

Brianne “Sly-fox” Joseph- Owner, Sly Fox Investigations, VH-1 consultant, Owner, 6 Figure Investigator Marketing program

“Investigator Toolbox is an essential add to any investigators repertoire. As a seasoned investigator I have found the site easy to navigate and content invaluable.”

Andrea Orozco- NCISS President, Owner, Advanced Professional Investigations

“Investigators Toolbox is an incredible website that every Professional Investigator should have on their computer. It has everything you need: Data Resources, Open Sources, Databases, News Sources and a ton of other useful websites. Couple those with the Podcasts, Sponsor Products and Benefits, it more than pays for the very affordable membership rate!!”

Rory J McMahon CLE, CFE, CCDI
Investigation Education Consultants, Inc

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