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The Investigator’s Toolbox is a resource community built exclusively for licensed Investigators. The site is designed to be an interactive community where it’s members participate and add content. We feature an interactive forum page that is 100% searchable. You control your own forum notifications. The site has been designed to be a holding tank for useful resources for the everyday Investigator. Each member has a personal profile page and a personal library to house links and other resources for future use. When links expire or become defective, our curators remove them. We also have a robust learning section packed full of training webinars, audio teachings, and helpful articles. Additionally, we provide links to the best industry related Podcast content. Community members are encouraged to submit new resources, content and information. Our site has a status badge incentive program and additional awards are given quarterly for content providers. This site is designed not only for the new investigator, but the seasoned professional who wants to take their business to the next level.


We have partnered up with some of the best investigators and businesses in this industry to provide benefits and discounts to our members. Our generous partners and sponsors have provided the best discounts, training content and networking opportunities available on the market. Your membership should be deductible if you participate in our learning content (* check with your tax professional for tax advice)

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