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Licensed Private Detectives

The group was created on May 22, 2015, its purpose is to give (active and retired) Investigative professionals a forum to discuss the business, as well as a free forum for general chats and networking.

Licensed Private Investigators

This group is strictly for Licensed Private Investigators & Security Companies, Executive Protection Providers, Bounty Hunters & Process Servers to network.

Private Investigators

This group is for professional licensed private investigators who provided best investigation services all around world. The group does allow entry to people in the broader investigation community such as Skip Tracers, Trainees etc.

The Private Investigator and Security Group

Facebook’s oldest private investigator and security group (has operated since 2006) . The group’s purpose is to educate and report the latest in the private investigator and security industry as well as networking for the betterment of the industry.

Skip Guru’s Tribe

A safe zone for Skip-Tracers, Hunters, Trackers and Investigators from various industries to gather and network, discuss industry topics, news and techniques. 

PI Feed

PI Feed is a real time news hub network for the private security sector professionals. Collecting stories from the web using RSS Feeds, and crowd sourcing methods, PI Feed delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now. The Private Security sector has hundreds of stories to choose from, and PI Feed helps you find, read, and share the best stories under one domain. http://pifeed.com/

Executive Protection Lifestyle

We aim to contribute positively to the industry by providing a place for executive protection agents to connect, share, collaborate and learn from one another. Those who contribute thoughtfully and demonstrate value will be recognized by the group and those who do not will be weeded out. Feel free to contribute with your own knowledge and skill sets as you deem appropriate. Conversely we expect that all the content generated from group members is within high standards of professionalism and respectfulness. “If you wouldn’t say it to a client then don’t say it to anyone in here.”Please know religious or political content on our wall.We would love to see your motivational pictures in the group! You’re more than welcome to post pictures and videos of good training days / OPs and days out in the field living the EP lifestyle.This is not a place to promote your business but rather a place for us to network and share field craft, learn about current issues and get to know one another. With that having been said, you do have an event coming up or a special service you’re offering, feel free to let us know about it but please do not overdo it. If you do, you will be notified and if you continue, you will be removed from the group. Invite other solid operators to this group, enjoy the networking and WELCOME!Respectfully,BYRON RODGERS

The place for skip tracers / investigators / debt collectors / related professionals. Please be civil, even in disagreements. Members have no right to share or reproduce any content without permission. We advertise here by giving value through education / teaching. No member has permission to advertise otherwise without admin approval. Our Official Channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/EricNeal-skip-tracer. Please subscribe. It only takes a moment and helps us grow. See Less

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