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The Arizona legislature is considering an expungement bill that gives me a lot of concerns which I have shared with the bill’s sponsors. We don’t have expungement in this state, so once someone is charged, the information stays in the public domain forever. Obviously, that affects people’s employment, housing, and reputation forever as well. There is a second-chance movement sweeping the country, so this bill is in response to that.

I am wondering how expungement statutes in other states have affected investigators abilities to conduct thorough backgrounds of accusers and witnesses? Has it prevented you being able to adequately defend clients in both criminal and civil settings if you can’t be investigate someone’s veracity? Does it mean that only the government has access to people’s criminal records and what are the implications for that? Or, is expungement difficult enough that it is rarely used and therefore has little impact?

Finally, I am curious if this proposed statute goes beyond what other states do.

Here is a legislative summary of the Arizona bill as it stands: H.HB2320_012921_APPROP_SE.pdf (

Because of the nature of our work, laws in each state affect investigators everywhere so any insights would be sincerely appreciated. I will use your information to negotiate amendments.

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