Best background investigation website or software for new investigators?

  • Maxx Karr

      As a new investigator, I would appreciate any advice regarding what the best background investigation software or websites are to use.
      Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



      There are tons of options out there. It really depends on what your looking to do. ithink your question may be a bit too broad. Make sure you take a look at the data resources section and check out the OSINT library we have. there are close to 200 entries currently. They are broken into 12 categories. Any site that you like can be bookmarked by checking the red start. This will create a link in your library in your profile for easy reference in the future. I hope this helps.

      Matt Spaier

      Tonya Arruda

        Hi Maxx,

        This is a great question. I would be interested to know what other investigators find to be the best background tool. I have found Delve point and IRB helpful with reports but not as extensive as I would like with the criminal records.


          I know this is a little older, but I would say to really focus on what your state has to offer. Take Missouri, Texas, North Dakota and Maine for instance. The amount of intel you can gain from local public records and FOIA is insane compared to what the data vendors offer. That should always be your first step, in my opinion.

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