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    A simple but powerful aggregator for boards, forums, chatrooms, and blogs. Boardreader does disclose which they aggregate. However, we have seen lesser known industry-specific boards and have made some great finds. This can be a valuable tool in your investigative and intelligence gathering efforts.

    Social Mention is an aggregator for blogs, microblogs, images, videos, and more. According to Social Mention, they monitor 80+ social media properties. Results can be narrowed down to a specific time period. is all about Deep Web data mining from news, blogs, reviews, and Dark Web. used to offer a free service, Now they require a subscription. However, their Website still offers some free datasets to download for international news sources and white papers on these various topics.

    All are available in the Data research section or by using the search tool on the main page

    Thanks to HG Group for supplying this great content

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